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As a book lover, don’t take for granted your freedom to read. In this era of technology, books are at our fingertips and reading is something we make time for. eBook, audiobooks, and good old-fashioned paperbacks give readers of all types the opportunity to enjoy reading.

As a celebration of our freedom to choose the books that make us happy without apology, I’d like to offer a giveaway of my eBook to those who participate and comment below. A winner will be selected by and posted on Monday July 9th to allow everyone a chance, or you can pick up your own copy of Athan’s Kiss. Enjoy the blog hop and end every day with a kiss.

CHECK OUT ALL THESE GREAT AUTHORS for books you might enjoy! Enjoy the blog hop and end every day with a kiss.

Several years ago, a friend of mine walked up to my wall of books in my library and perused the titles. At the time, I had yet to enter the world of romance literature and, still, it was one of the most personal experiences I had ever had whilst completely dressed.

Once the doors of romance were open to me, I purchased a book cover. It was black, non-descript, with a red and silver dragon bookmark. It offered me privacy, I lied to myself, to read my book without anyone asking about what I was reading. This was a disservice to myself, embarrassed with my choice of literature, and my favorite authors, who weren’t allowed the opportunity to have free advertising.

My taste in literature has changed over time. Though I’m still a fan-girl of Hawthorne, Shakespeare, and Chaucer, it’s okay for me to admit my love of LA Witt, Kade Boehme, and Cardeno C as well.

The world of M/M romance is not something I need to hide: as a reader nor as an author. I am proud to have the freedom to choose books that make me happy, offer me a fantasy outside of my business-centered world, and give me the happy ever after that I work so hard for. Every tear and heartbreak within each story gives me the satisfaction that, in the end, it will all be worth the pain and struggle that each main character suffers.

I love to write in the paranormal genre. Perhaps I watched too many scary movies growing up or maybe I watch too much Buffy and Supernatural as an adult. Whatever the case, vampires have been an obsession of mine and Athan was the perfect embodiment of such a creature. In my next novel, Shifting Weight, I explored werewolves and a future world where they are trying to mainstream alongside humans. I’m contemplating a world of mummies in the future. Maybe we can bring sexy back like Arnold Vosloo did so well.

Our personal libraries say a lot about who we are. They are maps of our journey through life, a representation of who we were when a particular book opened its page and thrust us into a world of imagination, and our next book is a marker of the future and what could be. A book is never the same twice because we are not the same person once the last word is read on the last page. We’re forever changed.

Update (7/7): I hadn’t realized until now that I have the date wrong above. Since this is absolutely my error, I will continue until the 9th for comments before I select a winner. Good luck and happy reading!


10 responses to “Freedom Hop

  1. I was never interested in romances until the m/m genre exploded…the romance arcs (and the men themselves) are so much more interesting!

  2. Happy 4th of July! I love having the freedom to pick and chose what I want to read and I read anything from sweet, historical, regency to erotica romance (which really is one of my favorites) I like to mix it up to keep it interesting. I have already read and reviewed over 160 books this year. I read everyday! I friended you on FB, signed up for newsletter and blog.

    • Congratulations! You have been selected using to receive a copy of my ebook Athan’s Kiss. I’ll contact you by email soon! Thanks for participating in the Freedom hop.

  3. I love all kinds of romance! And watching too much Buffy is never a bad thing! 😉 Buffy, Charmed & Angel were some of my favorites to watch while growing up, so I love Vamps, witches, werewolves, ect. I can never get enough. =) And I never try to hide what i’m reading,… if someone doesn’t like what i’m reading then they can just not look at the book i’m reading lol. We all have our things that we like and don’t like & I don’t turn my nose on someone for things they like. =) I’m so glad I have the freedom to read whatever I please. =)

    Thank you for your giveaway!

    Take care & I hope you have a happy & safe weekend! ❤

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  4. A world of mummies in the future sounds intriguing!

    I haven’t read much m/m yet. I have some books on my reading list for this summer.

    Thanks for taking part in the hop. It’s great to find new authors to read. I am following you on Twitter now.

    Fingers crossed to win Athan’s Kiss. Hope you had a great weekend!

    skeeterlee63 @

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