Athan’s Kiss

Athan's Kiss

It’s amazing how my manuscript was made into a book almost overnight. Weeks and months passed without a word from my editor and then a book cover was shared by the artist and the first professionally edited manuscript was returned. I was stunned.
I heard horror stories about returned manuscripts. Sometimes there were harsh edits, strict reviews, or even cause for rewrites. I was expecting the worst. But it was a really good experience. She was good and she was thorough. She obviously spent a lot of time going through the story and made it better. I could tell that she knew what she was talking about and even found a few sticky places missed by beta readers. She even liked my story.
My cover artist was fantastic, too. I really liked the colors and mood that he was able to capture on a flat book cover. His can’t be an easy job and I’m sure writers can be choosy. I know I was.
It’s been a few weeks now since my book’s release and it’s all surreal to watch the whole process. The evolution of my brain child. I can’t wait to send the second one out into the world.


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